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All rentals are priced for 3 day weeks and 1 day weekends.
Ask about same day and overnight shipping to Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas.

Rental Policy:
Daily rentals are for a 24 hour period with a grace period for pickup and return.

Weekly rentals are billed for 3 days, but are returnable after 7 days.

  • Mon – P/U: 8am, D/O: 10am
  • Tues – P/U: 2pm Mon, D/O: 10am Wed
  • Wed – P/U: 2pm Tues, D/O: 10am Thurs
  • Thurs – P/U: 2pm Wed, D/O: 10am Fri
  • Fri – P/U: 2pm Thurs, D/O: 5:30pm Fri
  • Sat/Sun – P/U: 2pm Fri, D/O: 10am Mon

Dallas Audio Post
2445 Lacy Lane

Carrollton Tx, 75006

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